The Chiefdom of Drogoza, also known as simply Drogoza, is the only nation that is governed and fully comprised of Orcs. They are led by Chieftain Gurak Dragol, with their stronghold Gol'Darak being located at the base of Emerald Falls and the Ezran River.



The Chiefdom of Drogoza was founded by Gurak Dragol, the son of a prominent Chieftain back in his homeland. After 3 years of wandering Eldar gathering like-minded Orcs to join him, Gurak established the Chiefdom with the same traditions, religion and social structure that he was raised with, as well as advertising Drogoza as a land of solidarity and opportunity to any and all Orcs who seek a better life for themselves and their families. By 5 F.A., Gol'Darak, the official capital and stronghold of the Drogozan Orcs