The Dalantai Khanate was a small nomadic tribe located in the heart of the Verian Steppes. They were most notable for their affiliation to the Halcyon Empire.


The people of Dalantai were the first nation in history to have began the worship of Eothane, being known as the Followers of Eothane. They would later spread their way of life to nearby lands, with the people of Ironvale officially recognizing their culture and religious beliefs as their own, creating a strong bond between the two nations, seeing themselves as Children of the Steppes. Soldiers from the Khanate would later assist in the defense of Ironvale, during the Siege of Ironvale. The Khanate would also play a minor role in the creation of the Halcyon Commonwealth as well as the Halcyon Empire, officially becoming an Imperial province in the process.