Founder and King of the Kingdom of Helgrun, the last Dwarven Kingdom. Dwonmumli lead his dwarven kingdom to great victories in the Land of Eldar. He made a name for himself as a great warrior. In the War of the Dwarves he led his men in the hopeless defense of Rumgar Castle against the Emphyrean Union. Outnumbered 3 to 1 his dwarves held the line and pushed back the Union. And he continued to fight the war until he was captured, help prisoner, and executed. His last words, (In Dwarvish to English) We are Dwarves. We will fight to the end. Dwarves! To Arms!!! Shortly after his death Helgrun fell and only few dwarves remained... He would be remembered by Dwarves everywhere and would go down in Dwarven History.