Eldrin Glynralei is a prominent nobleman, diplomat, and co-founder of Vollengraaf. He is considered Count Rowe's closest advisor and friend, and can usually be found by his side in diplomatic meetings and in battle.

Early life/Pre-Eldar

Eldrin, as a young elf from the forests of his home world did not have much significance in the world at large or in his homeland. He grew up in a small family in the densely forested area of his home continent, learning the basics of survival at a very young age. Though not of much importance, the elders of his local tribe always called Eldrin "the Wise", even from a very young age, as he always seemed to have the most insight on issues the tribe and local villages were having. Because of this, he earned a spot on his Tribal Council at the spry age of 14. Because of this, he has slight experience in management and leadership.

Eldrin, as time moved on, rose to slight prominence in his Tribe, being dubbed "The Sylvan Hero" after numerous slight acts of bravery and benevolence. Though popular among the Tribe, he was very humble about it, even refusing a spot among the Tribal Elders at the age of 22. He has lived humbly in the forest ever since, until he got ambitious and began seeking adventure and voyage. This is when he set out to sea and landed on Eldar.