The Followers of Eothane was the undisputed primary pantheon of the humans who inhabited the Steppes of Veria who worshiped Eothane, the Protector of the Steppes and Lord of Horses.


The worship of Eothane was said to have started on a foreign land which the people of the Dalantai Khanate claim to come from before coming to Veria. Based on stories passed down through generations of the Dalantai people, Eothane was said to be half-horse and half-human who swore to protect The religion would soon spread to the Kingdom of Ironvale, who settled in the northeastern region of the steppe. Having no preexisting among themselves, the people of Ironvale would later come to accept this new religion as their own and adopt their culture. Although popular to those who perceived the steppe as their home, the religion was highly disregarded and or disliked by other peoples.