The Kingdom of Ironvale was founded in the south eastern Steppes of Veria by three men desiring a town that was both prosperous and defensible. The names of these men were the following: Romulus Flavius, Aethelwulf, and Victor. Soon houses,and farms sprung up around the the town, and walls were erected to provide adequate defenses against the danger of Steppe raiders.The town grew and more territories were acquired by its three founders. Thus it became what we know it today: The Kingdom of Ironvale, soon Aethelwulf was named king.


Ironvale was designed with the intention to be a defensible city from an early stage in its development, it's strong defenses were not the only thing which protected the city, Ironvale society was structured in a way that most of the population was not only a citizen, but an enlisted warrior as well, tasked with defending the kingdom from any who might oppose it. The people of Ironvale were not only very militaristic, but also highly religious and devoted to the worship of Eothane.