The Northern Legion began as a small wooden palisade, established by Eric Flebel in the Northern section of Veria. As time passed, the Northern Legion invested into a large stronghold constructed of stone. During construction of the Stronghold, first came the main inner wall surrounding the keep itself. The keep of the hold came second in construction, which was built up to 5 levels, and a watch tower built on top. Third came an outer wall that encapsulated small homes, shops, and a farm that allowed the hold to be self sustaining. The wooden palisade that still remained on the other side of a river that ran along the outer wall became dedicated to the raising of cattle and sheep. The wooden palisade and the Stronghold were joined by a stone bridge that led from gate to gate of both fortifications, bridging the gap between the two over the river. The Northern Legion's location along the river allowed the use of the land surrounding the hold to be used as large wheat farms. The hold's location was also along the southern edge of the Pine Forrest, allowing the Northern Legion to have a large supply of lumber.

Society and Economy

The Northern Legion was heavily covered in banners of the faction, stemming from their heavy pride in independence, since the Northern Legion did not require to trade for their desired goods, but rather exported lumber, stone, and metals.

Relations with Zymith

The Northern Legion did not maintain total independence for their entire history however. The Legion began to struggle with their ability to maintain manpower, requiring them to look towards the Grand Republic of Zymith. The Northern Legion peacefully conjoined with the Empire, in search of a protected future. The Grand Republic of Zymith granted the Northern Legion a seat at the Council of Nations, securing the future of the Northern Legion for the foreseeable future.